Probably the top contender for the most underrated Takarazuka Elisabeth performance, this one’s actually good. It’s underrated because not everyone likes Asaji Saki’s vocals as der Tod. I really don’t mind it as it’s a contralto range and as soon as you hear it with the visuals, her interpretation comes out as a rather boyish man in love and probably gave the most human and heartbreaking interpretations of the role.  Shiraki Ayaka is amazing and with a good voice as Elisabeth (this was her final show) and Minoru Ko is amazing as Franz (probably my favorite in that role). Shibuki Jun on the other hand, was probably having an off-night and didn’t gave a much stellar performance as Lucheni. Lucheni needs a frantic energy to make the role work or else it’ll just be a cookie-cutter performance. I think her energy picked up around act 2. Also, Izumo Aya is amazing as Sophie (so much dominance and power), as is Emao Yu as Rudolf. I don’t think I would delve more into it as everyone and their pet has already got this copy and watched it since it’s one of the most easiest to find performances of this show (and probably the only shows that has Asaji Saki in it that was ever released on DVD along with the 10th anniversary Elisabeth concert).

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    I think this is the only Takarazuka production of Elisabeth I haven’t seen yet (not counting Shinkos at least).
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    Huzzah! The first two Zuka productions do seem to be less squeed over than the rest. Icchan’s will probably be getting a...
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